Unsettled Will Settle...

10-02-13 pic1.png

The teacher has entered the room and like good students , the weather will become more settled today into tomorrow...for a short period of time. 

Fall weather patterns are often more dynamic and move faster than summer or winter, so whatever the weather this time of the year, the current system  will usually move out of town and be replaced by the next one relatively quickly. 

The problem the last couple of days is that wave after wave of cool air aloft and moisture has been caught up in our mid level flow. So, as one trough moves along quickly, it is replaced by another. This has resulted in our cloudy with showers, replaced by clearing, replaced by cloudy with showers, but always cool pattern this week.  

The cycle is about to be broken - for 2 days... 

A look at the Water Vapour Image helps appreciate the current movement of moisture in our atmosphere; Green areas are moist. while Dark areas are dry. 

A weak, short lived ridge will help stabilize our weather, dry things out, provide a little more sun and help warm things up a bit Thurs- Fri. As mentioned, patterns move quickly this time of year so the next front will push onshore with more rain Sat into Sunday.