Fog Fix

Mother Nature is making sure we get our fog fix this October.

The winds continue to be light and an inversion is still in place, keeping this stubborn fog in the forecast.  On the right is a "skew-t" diagram, a great method of getting a quick glace at how stable or unstable the atmosphere is.  No suprise - but we have a very stable scenario here as a very obvious inversion is in place.  At first glance you can notice two solid black lines. The one on the right is the temperature and the one on the left represents the dew point. Although the temperature line starts off by going to the left at first, at around 830m or 925mb, the line then heads to the right - illustrating that the temperatures get warmer with height. At 5pm this morning, the weather balloon reported 6 degrees at the bottom of hte valley and 10 degrees at 1800 meteres.  

We continue to sound like a broken record but this blocking pattern mean very little changes in the forecast.  With the inversion holding so strong, most areas in the Shuswap, Arrow Lakes, North Okanagan and the Central Okanagan are not seeing much afternoon clearing (if any) keeping daily highs between 8 and 10 degrees. However the Southern Okanagan and the Boundary regions are much drier and the lack of fog has allowed temperatures to be well above seasonal with highs between 13-17 degrees.   

With all this said- models are continuing to suggest a gradual pattern shift starting Thursday when the ridge flattens. By the weekend an upper trough will move through our region bringing in cool air to replace the warm air aloft. Showers are likely to move through the Southern Interior on Sunday.