Chilly Start but Sunny Day Ahead

Clearing last night combined with a cool Northerly flow aloft helped temperatures drop below freezing in many areas throughout the BC Interior last night:

  • Clinton                        - 5.1C  (coolest spot in BC) 
  • Kelowna Airport       - 2.0C  
  • Merritt                         - 3.0C    \
  • Princeton                   - 1.8C

Close to freezing but not quite committing to the job:

  • Penticton   1.2 C
  • Vernon       1.6

Enhanced IR Satellite Image helps identify the well defined Cold Front sweeping across North Coastal BC. While a surface High will help stabilize the Southern Interior during the day, the tail of that Coastal Front will kiss the region overnight bringing cloud and the risk of a light shower.

On the plus side, with an overcast sky, overnight lows will stay on the plus side :)

Have a good day. 

10-09-13 pic1.png