More alerts for the BC Interior

As of Sunday, the Flood Warning for the Elk River at Fernie has been downgraded to a Flood Watch. High Streamflow Advisories have ended for the Kootenay and Columbia regions. This is not to say that rivers and streams in the BC Interior are not still running high and fast, but they are mostly below warning criteria; please continue to exercise caution.

At 31.0C, Fort Nelson was the warmest city in the province yesterday. Warm surface temperatures in the north are an important ingredient in the recipe for afternoon thunderstorms today. Severe Thunderstorm Watches are in place for most of the North & Central BC Interior today. The north will see convective cloud development this afternoon and the threat of Thunderstorms, while the south will come under the influence of an Upper Low currently over the South Coast and experience mostly cloudy skies and a more "polite" rain.