Unsettled Southern Interior...

The most notable active weather today will occur in the extreme southern portions of the province bordering Northern Washington.  A slow moving Upper Trough, advecting cooler air aloft will set the stage for the development of thunderstorms today. Highest probability for severe storms today with lightning, hail and gusty winds is in the West Kootenay and Boundary regions; Thunderstorm Watches are in place for these areas. Further East and North, the risk of Thunderstorms still exists but to a lesser degree this afternoon.

Lightning always increases the risk of Wildfire, so be sky aware for weather, but also smoke aware and call 1‑800‑663‑5555 to report a Wildfire or *5555 on most cellular networks.

Currently the most notable fire in the province was caused by a lightning strike south of Lizzie Creek, 7 kilometers south east of Pemberton. It's estimated at 40 hectares, but not threatening any homes or property.

After today, a ridge of High Pressure builds in and Sunny, Hot and Dry conditions for the Southern Interior into the weekend with an increased risk of Wildfires so be mindful of open flame and sparks.