Continued Thunderstorm Risk for NE

The North East can expect afternoon thunderstorm development again today. As of 9am, a Severe Thunderstorm Watch is only in place for the BC Peace. That is not to say that areas outside the Peace will not experience afternoon storms, but that the highest probability of theses storms reaching a "severe" threshold is in the BC Peace.  Because these storms will move slowly the biggest risk associated with them will be heavy downpours.

The Northwesterly Flow aloft ( see yesterday's post) will continue to provide the upper winds and moisture necessary for T-Storm development.  This combined with a Surface Low over the NE portion of the province will all combine to keep the threat of T-Storms in the forecast. Watch for the possibility of a Cold Front developing behind the Low this afternoon adding insult to injury.

Beyond that ... there's not a lot happening through the rest of the interior. A slight chance of some garden variety Daytime Shower /  T-storm development in the Southeast around Revelstoke and Cranbrook, but other than that...Sunny, Hot and Dry.

Weekend looks hot and dry in most places as well so be mindful with open flame and sparks as Wildfire Hazard is Moderate to High in most regions. Call *5555 on your cell phone to report Wildfires.