Thunderstorm Watches for NE Again ...

For those of you finding too's only 4 months until Christmas :)

Until the glorious ( or stubbornly persistent, depending on your point of view) ridge breaks down this weekend, our weather patterns in the interior will continue to be basically, hot and dry in the south and unstable in the north.

New daytime high records were set yesterday in Cranbrook, Creston and Nelson as temperatures got up to the 35/36C range. Warfield was the hottest place in Canada at 37.8C.

There are currently Thunderstorm Watches in place for Fort Nelson and the BC Peace as the potential for the development of severe storms exists in those regions this afternoon. A Lifted Index (see image) is an algorithmic calculation of instability and is used as a simple, quick indicie of storm development potential. When the value is positive the atmosphere is stable, a negative value is an indication that instability exists and a closer investigation of the potential for storm development should be made. By this evening, the model suggests, that the LI for the BC Peace will be in the -8 to -10 range; this is significant. Upper winds will combine with a surface tough to help complete the recipe for storms.  Be prepared for heavy downpours, gusty winds and hail this afternoon and into the evening.

Another hot/dry/sunny inactive weather day is on deck for the Southern Interior. Drink water, wear sunscreen, be mindful of the Wildfire Hazard and find a friend with a pool or a boat, to visit after work today.