Dry But Not As Hot

The BC Interior will be dry today, but temperatures will continue to be slightly cooler than there were last week. The warmest spot in all of Canada yesterday was Lytton at 30C which is a around 8C cooler than the warmest locations last week and make for cooler sleeping temperatures at night as well :)

Divide the province into half, North and South and you basically have the division between Low/Moderate fire risk in the North and High/Extreme in the South. That being said there are currently only 2 Wildfires of note in Southern BC: White Lake Road (5 km SW of Okanagan Falls, 70% contained) and Perry Ridge (4.5 km west of Winlaw, active but in remote area). It's nice to see that we got through the dry and windy weekend with minimal fire activity.

Behind the Upper Trough and Surface Cold Front that moved over the province on Saturday, cooler air from the north has moved down over BC but conditions will remain stable and sunny. Caught up in this Northerly flow there is a possibility that the NE will receive an isolated shower, but many areas will just see increasing cloud.

Dry all week until Friday, when a system will move up from the SW and threaten the Southern Interior with some much needed rain.