Afternoon Thunderstorms for the East

First an apology. Welsa and I have been in the process of moving over the last week. As a result of the disruption in our lives, our blog (and you) have been a neglected; we apologize. Thanks for the emails and tweets asking why; it's nice to be wanted :)

It's our goal to put together a forecast of significant activity for "today", and a trend for the rest of the week, on a daily basis for you.

07-06-2013 pic1.png

An Upper Trough over the Rockies, stretching southeast into Washington today will help create enough instability to aid in the development of thundershowers this afternoon when surface temperatures warm up a bit. Highest probability for development will run from the BC Peace south to East Kootenay .After some morning cloud, expect mostly sunny conditions throughout the interior today with afternoon cumulus development. The trend is towards a return to even warmer conditions for the Okanagan into early next week with the return of an Upper Ridge.