Cooler & Patchy Fog to Start

Mother Nature has a way of reminding us that summer doesn't last forever. I know it's only August 16, and I'm not trying to be an alarmist, but time has a way of slipping away if you take it for granted...If you have hopes for summer activities, that you've been putting off, now is the time to make definite plans to make sure that they happen. You've certainly noticed that it's getting dark earlier, the cooling rain last night with patchy morning fog has a four letter word that begins with "F" feel to it. Enough said.

So, behind the system that brought some much needed rain to the Southern Interior last night, cooler air and clearing skies helped drop surface temperatures down far enough to create some patchy fog in low lying areas. The sun is out and that will quickly dissipate this morning. Surface temperatures will stay on the cool side for the next couple of days until an Upper Trough passes through the region. A look at the 500mb chart to the left shows the movement of this trough over BC and the stronger upper winds, along it's easterly edge, over the the central interior (Cariboo, Prince George, Peace regions) at 5pm. This is the recipe for afternoon Thunderstorms for this area: Available Moisture, Cool Air Aloft,  Jet Streak Aloft (strong winds), coinciding with the peak of Daytime Heating at 4-5pm. Currently there are Thunderstorm Watches in place for these areas. Be sky aware this afternoon.

Further south, moisture levels are relatively high, there is cool air aloft, but those strong upper winds are just to the north so...all the ingredients for severe storms are not in place. With that said, the air mass over southern BC is unstable enough to create some convective, non severe Thunder Showers this afternoon.

The trend into Sunday and early next week is for drier, more stable conditions, so makes some outdoor summer plans !