Here Comes D-uane Again

09-20-13 pic1.png

The forecast for the Southern Interior will be dominated by an approaching Cold Front. After another cool, clear night...Friday will be warm, sunny and dry. This will help set up the boundary between our warm/dry air and an approaching cooler/moist air mass.

Satellite imagery shows the position of the front draped along the entire BC Coast. As the system tracks east, the Southern Interior will see increasing cloud today ahead of the front.  Significant differences between the air masses will create the possibility of Thunderstorms with the passing of the front on Saturday. Expect gusty winds and if Thunderstorms don't spark up this at the very least rain to start early Saturday morning.

Like clockwork, cool showery conditions will continue through the weekend making the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox (Fall) at 1:44pm on Sunday feel like fall.