Like Clockwork

Like clockwork, the cool air that has flowed in behind the system that moved through the southern interior this weekend has made it feel like fall. The Autumnal Equinox officially occurred at 1:44pm on Sunday but you wouldn't need a calendar to tell you that the seasons have changed.

Cool, Breezy, Showery (with sunny breaks) Unsettled Fall-like weather is in the cards for us this week under the influence of a strong mid-level westerly flow. The "washboard" effect  on the visible satellite image over Washington this morning is indicative of these winds. They will help keep whatever type of weather that is happening moving quickly; So expect a bit of everything.

Cool but seasonal temperatures will prevail, but expect some clearing later today and Tuesday should be sunnier and dry. Our mid level flow pattern will guide a trough over the area on Wednesday then a weak ridge should help dry things out for next weekend, but don't expect these ridges to have the same warming influence that they do in the summer anymore.