September Statistics

A start of another month means we have some numbers to share from last month:

Vancouver Sept 2013 stats:

  • Max temp average: 18.7C (bang on to seasonal numbers!)
  • Min temp average: 12.5C
  • Rainfall total: 130.6mm

Vancouver Sept normals:

  • Max temp average: 18.7C 
  • Min temp average: 10.5
  • Rainfall total: 53.5

Prince Rupert Sept 2013 stats:

  • Max temp average: 15.4C
  • Min temp average: 9.6C
  • Rainfall total: 161.8mm

Prince Rupert Sept normals:

  • Max temp average: 14.9C 
  • Min temp average: 7.6C
  • Rainfall total: 244mm

Not much difference in temps compared to seasonal averages, however there is a noticeable difference in rainfall totals.  While Vancouver rainfall totals were twice as much as the average, Prince Rupert totals were quite a bit less. 

Looking ahead, the upper low drawing in the clouds and showers today will move east of the South Coast, and the Lower Mainland is still on deck to a drier weather pattern after today as an upper ridge will bring sunshine to the South Coast for the second half of the work week.  However the North Coast will see quite the opposite with dry conditions today and a frontal system will push in by tomorrow bringing rain by Thursday afternoon.