Need a Can of "Ridge-Be-Gone"

Under most circumstances, being under the influence of an Upper Ridge and it's stabilizing effects is a welcome state.  In the fall however, it can, and recently has, kept us in the fog. Trust me, Wesla and I are getting just as tired as you of this "stability". Time to go to the weather store for a can of Ridge-Be-Gone.

In it's simplest terms, wind and the vertical mixing of the atmosphere it causes, is what is needed to inspire a change in the weather. The Winds of Change will begin to blow soon...

By tomorrow (Thurs)  this Upper Ridge will begin to collapse, flatten and shift east. That will be the key to opening the door to enough vertical mixing of the boundary layer (air closest to the ground) to get us out from under this fog.

Expect less fog, more sun and seasonal  temperatures into the weekend.