Counting the days...

Although Vancouver’s record for the longest dry spell is 58 days (1951), Vancouver has never had a calendar month of dry weather.  Since no rain is in the forecast today - we are onto the 27th consecutive dry day at YVR. So although we are still very far from breaking the longest dry spell record, if the rain holds off for another week - July 2013 will be the first dry calendar month ever for Vancouver.

We are still on track for a pattern change this weekend, with cooler temperatures expected for most of the province. Models are still keeping in a slight chance (10-20%) of precipitation this weekend, most likely Sunday now, for the South Coast.  The "party spoiler" is what I've been calling the upper level low that is affecting the Northern parts of the province, and its track will determine whether the Lower Mainland will stay dry until the end of this month.  If you want to see some of the previous versions of where the "party spoiler" was forecast to track, please see yesterday's posting.

All you sun worshippers out there - enjoy! Above average temps and sun will remain in the forecast over the next few days with the persistence of the upper ridge - even though temps will be closer to seasonal this weekend - new model updates have indicated a drier weekend ahead.  That party spoiler might just end up too far to the northeast to be spoiling any parties in the Metro Vancouver area.

Now to the North Coast - the low aka the spoiler has been causing rain over your parade through the overnight hours...but you'll get a short break this afternoon before a chance of showers return on Thursday.