More of the same... just a tad cooler heading into the weekend

Okay Day 28 of consecutive dry weather for YVR... but really who's counting? More dry and sunny weather for Vancouver today... but areas near parts of the Juan de Fuca and Western Vancouver Island are dealing with thick fog this morning... but once daytime heating kicks in - that fog/stratus will dissipate.

Been keeping an eye on the model forecasts for this weekend.  There has been no doubt that an upper trough will move over central BC in the next few days, but the question remains will it affect the South Coast? The most updated model doesn't seem to think so, and it looks like the weekend will remain dry.. however this upper trough will bring a cooler airmass into most of BC - and when I say "cooler" its all relative. I bet there will be people out there around the Lower Mainland who will be thankful that it will be 22 degrees, instead of 25. 

Up to the North Coast - a few showers for the coastal sections today but once that trough moves inland, the moisture will follow so gradually drying up over the next few days.