Back to life.. back to reality... oh .... and back to seasonal average temps

A surface low with an associated dry cold front will track across the southern portions of BC later today. The upper ridge that has been sitting over the southern half of the province will shift to the southeast this weekend giving way to an upper level trough that will move over central BC.  These weather pattern changes will cool temps down a few degrees for the South Coast, back down to seasonal averages.

Have been keeping an eye on the dry spell - we are now at day 29. Still a long way from the top 5 longest dry spells (with the 5th longest at 38 days).  But as mentioned previously, the other record that we are keeping an eye on is whether or not we would break a record for staying dry for a whole calendar month (the previous record breaking dry spells were all over the course of more than a month).  

While still under the influence of the upper level trough, the North Coast will continue to see the threat of showers today, but once this trough moves inland, expect gradual drying over the next few days.  The trough will also induce the threat of thunderstorms to the North Coast inland areas today.