Day 31 of dry weather... kinda...

We are on day 31 of a dry spell around the South Coast.. well kinda... The weather station at the Vancouver airport has remained dry for over thirty days, but there were reports of convective showers yesterday on the North Shore.   

And since official records are kept at the airport, there is still pretty good chance that a record could be broken at the end of the month for the first calendar dry month recorded ever... models right now don't have any showers in the forecast for YVR until the end of the work week as surface ridge offshore continues to keep all weather systems from moving in the South Coast.

The other record we are keeping an eye on closely is the sunshine hours we have received in the month.  The sunniest month for Vancouver on record is 388.1 hours, and we are currently at close to 375.  We have two more days to record just over 10 hours of sun... and with over 15 hours of daylight hours still (sunrise today is 5:41am and sunset is 8:57pm) PLUS with just scattered clouds in the forecast over the next couple days, it wouldn't be a huge surprise if we surpass the record.

The North Coast and Western parts of Vancouver Island will continue to see fog in the morning hours with the overnight surface temps cooling down below the clear skies, but once it it warms up in the afternoon the fog will dissipates and sun will return.