Nice Weekend Ahead...

07-06-2013 pic2.png

First an apology. Wesla and I have been in the process of moving over the last week. As a result of the disruption in our lives, our blog (and you) have been a neglected; we apologise. Thanks for the emails and tweets asking why; it's nice to be wanted :)

It's our goal to put together a forecast of significant activity for "today", and a trend for the rest of the week, on a daily basis for you.

Generally a shift to a Northwesterly Flow around the leading edge of an Upper Ridge will help keep skies dry & sunny this weekend for most of the BC Coast. A disturbance, currently riding around the top of this ridge will guide cloud and showers into the North Coast by Sunday night. There is a slight chance of an isolated shower for the South Coast out of this system, but if it happens it will be isolated and short lived. A quick return to sunnier conditions happens again Monday into Tuesday.