Dome of Confidence

The next "Dome of Confidence" is building nicely over the South Coast again. This Upper Ridge will keep help keep conditions dry and daytime temperatures at seasonal or above for the next couple of days.

The further north you travel along the coast, progressively, you move beyond the stabilizing effects of this southerly  ridge. IR Satellite imagery helps identify some moisture flowing up the westerly side of ridge into the central coast. That moisture will wrap around a Low in the extreme north and assist in the development of rain, drizzle and fog.

 Winds are light this morning along most of the BC Coast, and temp/dew points are about the same, so expect fog until we warm up a couple of degrees.

Southerly ridge starts to break down Thurs/ Fri. That may open the door for an Upper Low to push in from the south and bring with it some rain for the weekend, but that's still 5 days away, so we'll keep an eye on the idea and see how it plays out.