Another Sunny Southcoast Day

Stll under the influence of a weakening Upper Ridge today, but strong enough to keep conditions sunny and dry this afternoon for the South Coast. As the ridge breaks down and starts to move east, the main concern is what is going to follow in behind. Most often you should look for some kind of Low to take advantage of the situation to bring some kind of inclement weather. In this case, an Upper Low is trying very hard to move north up the west coast from California. It's very slow moving concern, which would be cause for concern IF it tapped into a strong feed of moisture...However, it has NOT. The latest few Water Vapour Images show some, but not a lot of moisture circulating around this system. 

So over the next couple of days expect a little more cloud to push in from the South into Sunday and temps will cool a couple of degrees...but the way it looks now, it won't be until Mon/Tues that the south coast will receive any precipitation.  

Have a great weekend !