Enjoy it while it lasts!!!!

Ridge persists... and not much change in the forecast.  Surface trough over the coastal sections will encourage an offshore flow and that will help bring temps up to near record highs for the Lower Mainland area as warm air from the BC Interior flows into the coastal sections (Air always flow from high pressure to low pressure).  Temps are expected to rise up into the low 30's for the inland sections of the South Coast.

Yesterday Squamish and Agassiz broke a record high.. and today, some of the communities with a good chance of a record high broken include: 

  • Pitt Meadows - previous record: 29.9C (2011)
  • Abbotsford - previous record: 31.1C (2011)
  • Squamish - previous record: 31.5C (2011) 

Models are still bringing in an upper trough to the BC coast late Saturday and into next week so this sunny and warm weather pattern will cease sometime this weekend.  By Monday most of South Coast will be in the rain.