Wet and Windy for the North Coast...

North Coast
Warm front making its way across the North Coast this morning is bringing rain and wind to the area. Parts of Haida Gwaii have already seen wind gusts between 70 and 100km/h overnight and the gusty winds will continue today ... and the rain will stick around tonight as this frontal system will give the area a one-two punch as a cold front will move across the area once this warm front passes.  By Friday afternoon, there will some sunshine with some clearing after the passage of the cold front.  But an upper trough keeps showers in the forecast for your weekend.

South Coast
Metro Vancouver will have pretty much the opposite pattern... from now until Friday afternoon, enjoy the party cloudy conditions and dry weather as an upper ridge keeps the rain away today... but the Lower Mainland will also see stormy conditions ahead because that same frontal system will push in by late Friday bringing rain for the start of the weekend.  Post frontal showers will stick around on Saturday and although there will be a short break Saturday night, another frontal system will make its way through on Sunday.  Umbrellas will be your friend this weekend!